When do you realize?

Question: When do you realize???

Before you answer, let me narrate my experience of attempting to read Upanishads years back and watch Interstellar recently.

Upanishads are the oldest texts in Sanskrit, some predating Vedas. It is rich in context and comes with subtle meaning, and it is quite difficult to grasp easily. That is why stories like Ramayana, Mahabharata were written to explain the concepts – through that one can easily relate to.

An example: It explains life and death with two analogies.

  1. death-ocean-waves-upanishadsOcean – is a big body of water that has waves on its surface. A wave travels thousands of kilometers, starting small slowly, moves steadily, grows big as it races, gets bigger and finally reached the shore… And vanishes. It raises three questions:

1. Is the wave missing now? 
2. Is the wave not real? 
3. Are you worried about the wave that vanished? 

Our life is like a wave. It comes and goes. Death is similar to the wave going back to the Ocean. I realized the logic, when my grandmother died. The words from the book made a lot of sense. If we answer the question keeping both wave and the person in mind.

1. Is the wave missing ? Yes – the wave (person) is physically missing.
2. Was the wave not real? No – the wave (person) is very real, but disappeared.
3. Are you worried about the wave that vanished? May be – Wave is not missing. It became that ocean again. But person, I am not fully convinced.

Back to 1. Is the wave missing now? No – the wave (person) is not missing.

Thus the philosophy of death explained in reverse. 

2. A beautiful Flower blossoms out of a bud. life-cherry-seed-tree-bud-blosson-flower-upanishadsThe bud comes from the plant. The plant comes from the seed. The flower decides which seed it should come from. In other words, flower makes the bud; bud makes the plant; plant makes the seed that it came from.

Very difficult to fully grasp. We are strapped with the time flow, where the seed becomes plant, plant gives bud and then bud becomes a flower.

I realized the logic of flower when I became a father. It came all of a sudden, when I had the baby in my hands. The reason for our existence is our children. We are here for our next generation. They decide, so we exist. Ask any parent, why do they exist? “For my children”. Children choose the parents.

I watched the movie “Interstellar” again and again. One of the concepts is already explained by Upanishads as above – subtly through the example of flower choosing the seed.

The wormhole and the Tesseract are created by the future generation. They chose Cooper.

Cooper: Don’t you get it yet, TARS? They’re not *beings*… they’re us! What I’ve
been doing for Murph, they’re doing for me, for all of us.

TARS: Cooper, people couldn’t build this.

Cooper: No. No, not yet. But one day. Not you and me, but a people, a civilization that’s evolved beyond the four dimensions we know.

If Interstellar is difficult to grasp, it is because of the subtle messages. Now, the easy part – Let us go back to the question in the beginning.

When do you realize? 

After. Isn’t it.

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